Costa Mesa Family Portraits

The LAB  Anti-Mall in Costa Mesa is an old recycled night-vision goggle factory turned into a unique indoor-outdoor hang out spot.  It is specifically for those who are young at heart, have a love of creativity and enjoy it when things are just a little bit different.  The Roberts Family is the perfect family for such a place and they fit right into the whimsical atmosphere.  Between Ashleigh’s custom cakes and Dave’s Music (which you can download on iTunes), this is a family that loves to be creative.  It has been a pleasure to watch this family grow and we always have fun together.  Every now and then we can even find the time to squeeze in a photo session in the middle of all of our creative and busy lives.

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San Clemente Family Portraits

The Torkelson Family is a dynamic family of five (six if you count their dog) that love their surroundings in beautiful San Clemente.  From the Oak Trees in the backyard to the architecture in their community, they thrive on their surroundings.  As twins, their two boys couldn’t be any more unique.  Hairstyles, personalities, clothing.  The oldest of the Torkelson boys is a vibrant, outgoing young man with an incredible knack for making the rest of the family smile.  We climbed the hills beyond their backyard and took a drive around the neighborhood to capture some of these beautiful moments in Talega in San Clemente.Torkelson FamilyTorkelson FamilyTorkelson FamilyTorkelson Family

Ashleigh Howard Roberts - LOVE! I love the Torkelsons too!

Peggy McGuire Surritte - You have a beautiful family, Kristen!

Lowell Tjentland - Outstanding!

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San Juan Capistrano Family Portraits

At the heart of historic San Juan Capistrano lies the secret to its charm. The train station, and the Los Rios District were the perfect place to capture photographs for the Bredthauer family. The Los Rios District is comprised of historic homes, small businesses, the train station, and a park that was a perfect way for the kids to get out some energy after ending the photo session. The afternoon light made a wonderful backdrop for this family’s photographs.

Lisa Petty - Great pictures! Super cute family too!

John W. Killinger - Did you run into any problems with the Los Rios District residents or businesses? Apparently the city council met to discuss their complaints about a few less-than-professional photographers, so they’re considering restricting all of us.

David M Petty - I didn’t run into any trouble when we were down there, but next time I shoot, I’ll definitely keep an eye out. From what I understand, most of the complaints have come from residents or businesses that live in the historic homes and photographers have not been respectful of their property. It’s sad that a few unprofessional photographers make it more difficult for everyone else.

Ceather Halame - So Beautiful! Great pictures, David! And high-five to the Bredthauers on being such an adorable family. :)

Karyn Anderson Hamilton - OK, I admit that I am a tad biased, but…these are truly wondrous photos! Kudos to David for a beautiful job and…what can I sy? The Bredhauers are a simply beautiful family!

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Aliso Viejo Family Portraits

I’ve known Michelle, Victor and their kiddos for a while now but just recently had the pleasure of photographing them for the first time. Michelle’s major concern was that their older son has the tendency to be a bit camera shy and will rarely look at the camera while having photos taken. I made sure that I established his trust by first allowing him to use my camera to take a photo of me. He was quite interested in the “big boy” camera and after that (and a little “Gangnam Style” dance party), he couldn’t take his eyes off it. Perhaps I have an assistant in the making! For the rest of the afternoon, we played, posed, and ran around having a great time.

Michelle Chan - OH my goodness. These are so wonderful. I can’t thank you enough for making this happen. You are one amazing talent Dave. I honestly got teary eyed looking at these pictures and I’m not exaggerating. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Amanda Standish Wainwright - The photos are beautiful!!!!!

Suezanne Sites - These are fantastic! So sweet seeing the boys sitting together on the lawn. Love the family portrait!

Sunny Lee - This is PRO.

Susanne Hernberg - Love these! What a beautiful family, Michelle! Well done, Dave!

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Heather + David’s Wedding

Heather and David are the perfect couple for each other and I couldn’t say it any better than Heather’s father, when he said they “just get each other”.  Their sense of humor, the things that make them tick, are anything but easy to figure out.  They are complex and quirky and fun to be around, but mostly, they are fun around each other.  For their ceremony, Heather and David picked Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes.  If you’ve never seen the place, it’s absolutely breathtaking.  The entire thing is made of wood, stone, and glass.  Did I mention the glass?  Walls of glass.  Ceilings of glass.  Stone foundation.  Amazing.  After they tied the knot at the chapel, Heather and David invited their guests to a reception at Michael’s Tuscany Room in San Pedro.  There were dimly lit lanterns, a DJ upstairs, and most of all there was a great time had by all.  Finally, we sent the happy couple on their way with a sparkler send off.  I wish the two of them the best as they embark on the rest of their lives together.  They both deserve nothing but the best and in each other, I believe they have truly found the best.


Jenny Bradley - WOW! amazing photographs!

Michelle Sheppard Desmond - Extraordinary photographs!

Jane Iacovetti - beautiful photos, but it helps to have excellent subjects.

Taylor May Fishman - Hi David I’m a friend of amberly. I’m looking for someone to do engagement pictures. I love your work. Can you message me on my Facebook for more details?

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